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GeoFocus (ISSN:1578-5157) is an international scientific and technical journal which focuses on Geographical Information Science and Technology and its different applications. In particular, it accepts contributions in the following areas of interest:

  • Geographical Information Systems.
  • Mapping.
  • Positioning Systems and Global Satellite Navigation Systems.
  • Geostatistics.
  • Remote sensing.
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling.
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures and Geoinformation standards.
  • Geoinformatics.
  • Teaching in Geographical Information Science and Technologies

Contents are organized into several sections: editorial, original papers of theoretical or practical research, which constitute the main body of the magazine, short subjects (reflections, descriptions, etc., of a maximum length of 2 pages, on technical and professional applications or studies), reviews (of books, maps, data sets and Geographical Information Science software, etc.) and summaries of doctoral theses.

Regarding papers, all contributions must be original and are subjected to a process of external and anonymous evaluation. This evaluation is performed by specialists from the international scientific community. The Editorial Board assists the Director and Associate Editors to an optimal selection process. In addition, an International Advisory Board establishes the strategic framework of the magazine and supervises the running and results annually.

GeoFocus has been continuously published since 2001 in an electronic format, and it is open to contributions from the international scientific community, being a reference publication in the theory, methods, developments and applications of the discipline. Two annual issues are published and the official publication languages are Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The journal is indexed and is present in summaries in a large number of databases, directories, portals and national and international scientific repositories (see Indexed, impact and GeoFocus recognition). Since its beginning, GeoFocus is an open access journal and there are no publication fees; through the upper menu you can access the full text of the magazine in PDF format (sections Current Issue and Archives).

GeoFocus is the Journal of the Geographical Information Technologies Working Group of the Spanish Geographical Association. It receives institutional and technical support from RedIRIS (Spanish Academic and Research Network funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), FECYT (the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) and Grumets (Methods and Applications in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Research Group).

Current Issue

No. 29 (2022)
Published: 2022-07-28
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